What is Listing Sea?

At Listing Sea, we are of the belief that the small details make all the difference during your home purchasing or selling journey. We provide a Yelp-like platform where buyers, sellers, and agents can leave comments on homes & neighborhoods for everyone to see.

Does Listing Sea work with any real estate agents?

We do not have any real estate agents working directly for Listing Sea. However, we partner with licensed Preferred Agents to provide support throughout your home buying/selling journey.

Does Listing Sea manage the paperwork & contracts behind a purchase or sale?

Most definitely! We provide you with seasoned agents as well as proprietary tools to manage document workflow and communications. Our goal is for you to have an exciting and stress-free journey with us.

How does Listing Sea reward users for contributing insights around homes & neighborhoods?

Like YouTube, we believe content creators should be rewarded properly. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Home Network Foundation to reward those who comment & contribute key insights around homes & neighborhoods with HOME tokens.

How is Listing Sea able to show home & neighborhood insights that I can’t find anywhere else?

Great question! Our data is contributed and owned by the community with the goal of providing insights around homes & neighborhoods that you care about the most. The fact that we’re not tied to any MLS entities allows us to incorporate additional data points beyond what most brokerages are able to offer.

HOME Token

What is the HOME Token?

A HOME token is a cryptocurrency that can be earned or purchased, converted into fiat, or utilized across other entities who share the same vision as the Home Network Foundation.

Why should I earn HOME tokens?

Why not get rewarded in crypto for contributing helpful comments around homes & neighborhoods? We believe content creators like you make it possible for the community to view homes through a more transparent lens.

The HOME token was created by the Home Network Foundation as a reward mechanism to fairly direct value across each transaction and throughout the industry as a whole, and to build a decentralized stakeholder-led community.

How do I earn HOME tokens?

You can earn HOME tokens by:

1. Leaving comments on homes & neighborhoods on the property details page.

2. Providing YouTube & Vimeo URLs associated with a particular home or neighborhood

3. Answering questions on the property details page. E.g. What do you think this house is worth?

First token distribution: August 31, 2022.

How will I know how many HOME tokens I’ll receive?

We’re currently formalizing the amount of HOME tokens that will be available in our first distribution (on August 31, 2022), and working on a way to show you the potential tokens you’ve earned through your contributions. In the meantime, rest assured that we can see your participation and you’ll receive a commensurate allocation of HOME tokens for the first distribution.


How is it that you’re able to provide information that I can’t tell my clients without violating the Fair Housing Act and similar regulations?

Great question! Our data is contributed and owned by the community with the goal of providing insights around homes & neighborhoods that your clients care about the most. As a licensed agent, you should not contribute any information that may be in violation of the Fair Housing Act under your agent account on Listing Sea.

My client is asking questions I can’t legally answer. Can I refer them to Listing Sea?

Absolutely! It’s a great way to provide answers to your client’s questions regarding school ratings, demographic & religious preference while still upholding your fiduciary duties.


How do I manage my home’s facts & details on Listing Sea?

Coming soon
Homeowners will be able to claim their home on Listing Sea and provide additional details including the price they’d like to sell the home for.

You can make your home available to serious buyers in less than 5 min without talking to anyone. We recommend that you have some photos handy that present your home in the best light possible.

For more information around initial planned consumer and professional use cases, check out the Home Network Foundation’s whitepaper.

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